Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)

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Source code now available!

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This is a custom script that works, as-is, with ESX and QBCore but with customer-made changes, you could make it work with another framework - although I won't be able to provide you any support with this. This terminal is unlike any other because it was custom-made and meticulously developed in such a way to provide one of, if not, the best MDT experience out there.


- Animations and props are used for an immersive experience

- Optimized - This script was created with having a low resource usage in mind, ensuring that the script will not bog down players' performance.


- Active Police, EMS/Fire, and roadside assistance (mechanics) are displayed for quick availability access

- Set your GPS to another active unit's location

- Statuses are included to ensure transparency between all active units

- You get quick access to see active bolos and warrants

Bolos / Warrants

- Active bolos / warrants will be displayed on civilian and vehicle profiles, alerting officers if they have an active warrant or bolo.

- Alerted when a bolo / warrant is registered, ensuring officers are updated when new entries are registered (Customizable in settings)

- Advanced civilian search is available when making a person of interest or warrant, ensuring no spelling mistakes are made


- Advanced charges select is included for efficiency and ease of access

- Import images from a link or in-game (via phone) for in-depth report submissions

- Advanced report search is included so that you can find any report with ease


- Photo identification can be submitted to both civilian and vehicle profiles

- Customizable profiles features, such as phone number, address, relations, additional notes, and photo identifications.

- Registered vehicles are displayed, including whether or not there is a bolo out for that vehicle

- Licenses are displayed with the ability to be revoked directly from the terminal

- Unpaid fines are shown, even alerting the player when a fine is overdue

- Criminal history/priors are shown and the reports can be viewed directly from the tab

Shift Tracker

- Shift tracking tracks the duration of every shift and displays it all in a single, easy to use page

- Police, EMS/Fire, and roadside assistance have access to this tab (Displaying the players apart of their job)


Requirements / Compatibility

- mysql-async  or oxmysql [Optional]

- OneSync Infinity, as well as legacy, is compatible

- ESX 1.2, 1.1, and legacy is compatible by default

- QBCore is compatible by default

- Translation is available!



If you encounter an issue/bug, you may report the issue in my official discord by creating a ticket. Please be sure to provide detailed information so that the issue can be diagnosed/fixed easily.



This resource uses the asset escrow and encryption sytem. However, only one file encrypted – which is a security file that prevents unfavorable players from disrupting core functionality. Other than that, the full source code is included! DB queries that are used to fetch character/vehicle data is all exposed so that you can ensure it works for your server. Additional information about the script will be provided in the README file.